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Miss Z, 38 hours – Newborn Photography, err.. Sydney!

Well I am back from my trip to Sydney, it was a LONG week and I had an absolute blast!  But will get into the details later, but wanted to share some images of a teeny tiny only 38 hours old Zoe.  My close friend Amanda Keeys conveniently had her baby (number 5!!) while I was there and I think I might have been the first to photograph her with a camera not a phone… how lucky am I!?!?

so.. what this space, well actually, perhaps watch her mummy’s space, cause this little girl is going to be well photographed! (and hopefully by me again one day soon!)

Congrats guys, she is just GORGEOUS!  and it was great to see you all while I was there! xxx


Quick Preview!

I do plan to preview these two session properly, however I’m out of the office for hte next week so wanted to quickly share a few!

Firstly Mr J & Miss T.. are they not the cutest! (I wish I had a shot like this of my two!!)


And the gorgeous Mr. M at 16 days old.  I could have photographed this little guy all day.  He was beyond gorgeous!


On a quick note, I am away from the office for the next week, however will have limited access to voicemail and email.

I will be in touch as SOON as I possibly can whilst away, and will be back in the office Tuesday 30th June.

Baby in a box & basket – Melbourne Baby Photography

A good thing about being unwell, I’m at home more, and able to get some training in…. Must keep baby happy in front of camera…. Must not let him be like his old brother and run away from the camera screaming…


Even if I do ruin nice photos with forgetting to clean his running nose…. oops!

Miss B, 8 weeks – Melbourne Baby Photography

This little girl was such a doll!  I could have kept her!  We had to change our initial booking, but I think that may have been a good thing, because she performed for the camera beautifully!  Although she did like to poke her tongue out at me.. not sure if she was trying to tell me something, or was being cute.. hehe!  I was quite excited as I’d been unwell I’d entertained myself with some knitting, trying to modify patterns to suit slightly older babies than newborns, so Miss B was my little model.

The below hat is a slightly modified pattern (i.e I mis-calculated how much yarn I would need) from Amanda Keeys’ book available HERE



MIA, website/Email drama & my boys

People always insist I must have the most beautiful images of my boys.  Well yes, when they let me actually take their photos!!  I have to admit, my youngest has been a brilliant model.  But now we are on the move, we generally have to rely on a basket of some description to keep him in the one spot!  Me eldest on the other hand has ALWAYS hated the camera.  ALWAYS.

So of course, when they actually let me take their photo, TOGETHER it’s always a quick dash for the best light, the camera (always with a dying battery) and before the “mood” changes.

And of course, they are always in their worst possible outfits, with lunch or a snack all over their faces, and at 5pm in winter, when there is NO LIGHT.

But who’s complaining when you get these:


On a different note, I have been what may seem a little missing in action lately.  I have been unwell for what seems like a month, with what was originally diagnosed as the flu, but has turned out to be a lymph node infection.  All is well and I’m on the mend, and not contagious!  Been difficult with two unwell boys with a cold each (which has also seemed to take weeks to finally disappear!)

One another fun note, it seems there has been some issues with my website/blog and email.  Seems the site is working at the moment, however at the moment, I am unable to receive my emails.  They will be downloaded once the issue with the server is fixed, however there may be a slight delay with my replies.  Apologies in advance!