My Birthday Boy! – Melbourne Baby Photographer

Well, it has happened.  My baby just turned 1!  Not quite sure where a year has gone, it feels like yesterday that I came home from hospital with our new baby boy.

It came to our attention when I was still pregnant, that the name we were pretty set with happened to be the brand of my husbands guitar amp.  So at 10 days old I placed Ashton on top of the amp.  And then at 3 months old I did again, and every month later on the 19th, on the amp when the baby.  Even on a “bad day” such as teething, colds.  I saw it as a document the time!  So in some of the photos he’s not looking very happy with me!  So much so in one, we had to put him in a box on top!  So thank-you to all my “spotters” over the last year, I know it was always a scary 5-10 minutes..

Also, following a new trend, we got a cake and “ate” it… Trash The Cake… so to speak!  So there was a bit of a clean up, and a BIG drink of water later, but boy… did BOTH of my children enjoy that!

So without further delay, here are some photos taken to celebrate my son’s first birthday.  And a small collage of the collected AMP shots from over the last 12 months.

12-months-webcolour-birthday-amp-webfull-year-collage-webash-bday-1-webLightroom (IMG_3273.CR2 and 19 others)

Renee Bell - yay – happy birthday Ashton

Fiona carson - oh my goodness, 1 already? How quickly has that flown by? Love all of these photos Gemma! That TTC is brilliant!

Kimberly Kyle Photog - Happy birthday lil’ man! LOVE the amp shots. Those rock! AND the one with him peeking over the table is precious!

Kelly Trow - Happy 1st Birthday, Ashton – my how time flies. Love the birthday series, Gemma. Well done on surviving the first year (for the second time around :))

Jen Stocks - Oh Gem, what beautiful documentation of your little man. I love his name, love his face. He is so cute. I can’t believe you have had him for 1 whole year. Amazing.. Loved reading and seeing these pics.

Susan Wall - I really, really love how you did the serious of Ashton. So special and beautiful! and awww to the cake session LOVE!!

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