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Miss R, 10 days – Melbourne Newborn Photography

Miss R surprised her parents, as they were quite certain that she was a boy! Having a bit of a drive from just outside Melbourne, Miss R was quite keen to stay awake and look at her surroundings, and not too keen to have a sleep, however after a while, she drifted off to get some beautiful images of her and with her VERY proud parents!

I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad!


Miss E, 6 months – Melbourne Baby Photographer

Walking into my clients house for this session was an absolute treat!  Not only did I get to see Miss E’s older brother, who I photographed at the same age about 2 years ago, but the furniture!  I’m a tad partial to vintage style fabrics and furnishings.. as you can see in the accompanying images!  Miss E was a joy to photograph, put on a show of various facial expressions and poses for me!

I hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad!


My Birthday Boy! – Melbourne Baby Photographer

Well, it has happened.  My baby just turned 1!  Not quite sure where a year has gone, it feels like yesterday that I came home from hospital with our new baby boy.

It came to our attention when I was still pregnant, that the name we were pretty set with happened to be the brand of my husbands guitar amp.  So at 10 days old I placed Ashton on top of the amp.  And then at 3 months old I did again, and every month later on the 19th, on the amp when the baby.  Even on a “bad day” such as teething, colds.  I saw it as a document the time!  So in some of the photos he’s not looking very happy with me!  So much so in one, we had to put him in a box on top!  So thank-you to all my “spotters” over the last year, I know it was always a scary 5-10 minutes..

Also, following a new trend, we got a cake and “ate” it… Trash The Cake… so to speak!  So there was a bit of a clean up, and a BIG drink of water later, but boy… did BOTH of my children enjoy that!

So without further delay, here are some photos taken to celebrate my son’s first birthday.  And a small collage of the collected AMP shots from over the last 12 months.

12-months-webcolour-birthday-amp-webfull-year-collage-webash-bday-1-webLightroom (IMG_3273.CR2 and 19 others)

National Guard – Melbourne Music Photography

This weekend just gone saw me meeting up with my good friend Ben to watch his band National Guard play a small intimate ‘Boutique’ gig in Bruswick, Melbourne.  And of course, to any photographers dismay, there was NO stage lighting, which created a lovely atmosphere, just not for the camera!

So excuse the quality of these image, I am promised next time the lights will be brighter;)

Check out their myspace page HERE

ben's band for blog
full band
ben's band for blog

32 Weeks – Melbourne Maternity Photography

I have to say, this has to have been my favorite Maternity session to date!  I usually get a little nervous going on location for Maternity sessions, however this time I must have known that we had a gorgeous setting and amazing light, not to mention a wonderful family to work with.  This stunning family are expecting baby #2, and big brother is already exciting about his baby brother or sister, and already has gifts for the baby!  I cannot wait to meet your little bundle and all the best for a wonderful home birth!  I cannot wait to come visit you again for your newborn session!

Hope you enjoy the preview Mum & Dad!