Congratulations O & R

I don’t usually post wedding previews here, however for this one I simply had to!  This GORGEOUS bride is a friend of mine from High School in Brisbane!  The “Melbournites” I think we were called…

The Bride & Groom have been together since High School when she returned from two years in Brisbane to her old high school in Gisborne.  I was absolutely THRILLED when she asked for LE Photography {AKA Janet & Myself} to photograph her big day.

There had been rain predicted for the morning, however there was no sign of it and the sun shone BRIGHTLY the whole day.  (So bright that I was burnt to a crisp.  (Note to self – pack sunscreen next time.  Mind you I say this every time and never learn)

So onto some images – and as a treat (haha) there’s even one of me!


Congratulations guys, it was a beautiful day!

Mully - Livvy you looked fantastic. These shots are great. I love the big one with the veil blowing in the breeze. Im glad Iris and Janet photographed your wedding, their style really suits you and Ryan. Congratulations everybody. What a beautiful day! PS. Love the one of My Iris and Livvy!! soooo cute.

Danielle Stahl - You completely rocked this. I adore your clean black and white processing. STUNNING!

Louise Treacy - Beautiful work – I am sure your girlfriend will love these!

Meaghan Cook - Great job Gem!

Sarah Walker - GORGEOUS pics!! Love the black and white! So classic! The shots by the vines are awesome also.
Gem i’m very impressed you put in the shot of the shoes (my suggestion) hehe.
Beautiful photos!

jennie luke - Wow, as mother of the groom it is lovely to have a sneak preview of the happy day, and it was a happy day as we welcomed Olivia officially into our family. They are a great couple and terrific to see Gemma in a photo as well. well done and you were lovely to us all on the day.
Well done

Sharon - Wonderful series Gemma. I bet your friend will be so happy when she see’s these :)

Olivia Walker - Hi Gem!!!

WOW!!! I am overwhelming, they are stunning!!! You and Janet are magicians………..i couldn’t be happier with the job you have done, THANK YOU so much from both of us, now it is truly a day we will never forget thanks to you guys……….xoxox

Amanda K - I think these are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen from you. I absolutely LOVE the one of the bride in the (orchard??) with the netting matching her veil, so dramatic.

Helen - Awesome job Gemma, love that old building…

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